Harvard-Radcliffe Class of '89


Kathleen Anderson (and Susan Jones)

Jane Austen's Guide to Thrift: An Independent Woman's Advice on Living Within One's Means (2013)

Christopher Atamian

A Poet in Washington Heights 2017 Tololyan Award Winner, nominated for a National Book Award (2017)

Poetry (2004)

Manhattan Boy (2020)

The Bois de Vincennes  (translator) 2013 Tololyan Award Winner (2011)

Andy Balinsky

Cisco Wireless LAN Security (2004)

Luis Beveniste

All Else Equal: Are Public and Private Schools Different? (2003)

Laurie Blaukopf

Children of Israel (2000)

Colors of Israel (2001)

Christopher Bolton

Sublime Voices: The Fictional Science and Scientific Fiction of Abe Kobo (2009)

coeditor, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime (2007)

associate editor, Mechademia, an annual forum for academic criticism of anime, manga, and fan arts: Mechademia 1: Emerging Worlds

of Anime and Manga (2006)

Mechademia 2: Networks of Desire (2007)

Mechademia 3: Limits of the Human (2008)

Mark Brazaitis

The River of Lost Voices: Stories from Guatemala (Iowa Short Fiction Award) (1998)

Steal My Heart (2000)

Anupam Chander

The Electronic Silk Road (2013)

Nicole Dekle Collins

Contributor, Essay on Stephen Petronio in Fifty Contemporary Choreographers (1999, reprinted 2000 and 2003)"Un profond

désir de normalité," Le Soir de Bruxelles (September 14, 2001)

"Louis' Legacy: The Paris Opera Ballet's French Twist," Pointe Magazine (October/November 2002)

"A Tribute to Eva Evdokimova," Dance Magazine (July 2009)

Caleb Crain

Necessary Errors (2013)

American Symphony: Men, Friendship, and Literature in the New Nation (2001)

Lisa Dilling

Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change (2007)

Rushika Fernandopulle

Uninsured in America: Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity (2005)

Laurie Gardner

The Road to Shine: A Story of Adventure, Life Lessons, and My Quest for More (2014)

Marissa Elizabeth ('Mimi') Ghez

memoir, If Only By Subtraction (target 2021)

Allegra Goodman

The Other Side of the Island (2008)

Intuition (2007)

The Family Markowitz (2005)

Paradise Park (2002)

Kaaterskill Falls (1999)

Total Immersion (1998)

Ronald Granieri

The Ambivalent Alliance: Konrad Adenauer, the CDU/CSU and the West, 1949-1966 (2004)

Paul Greene

edited Wired for Sound: Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures (2005), winner of the Society for Ethnomusicology’s

Klaus P. Wachsmann Prize (for Advanced and Critical Essays in Organology)

Jeff Hass

Re-Examining The History of the Russian Economy, Editor (2018) 

Rethinking the Post-Soviet Experience(2015)

Power, Culture, and Economic Change in Russia (2014) 

Economic Sociology, an Introduction (2006)

Julie Hilden

"A Contractarian View of Animal Rights: Insuring Against the Possibility of Being a Non-Human Animal" in Animal Law (2007)

Three (2003)

The Bad Daughter (1998)

Richard Howells

The Myth of the Titanic (1999)

Visual Culture (2003)

"Aaron Siskind" in The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography (2006)

"Beyond Lippmann: Media and the Good Society" in Education and the Good Society (2004)

Scott Hunt

The Future of Peace: On the Front Lines with the World's Great Peacemakers (2004)

Marjorie Ingall

Mamaleh Knows Best (2016)

columnist for Tablet Magazine

web site (with Susan McCarthy) SorryWatch 

columnist, "The East Village Mamele," in The Jewish Daily Forward

contributor, Hungry (2009)

Smart Sex (1998)

The Field Guide to North American Males (1997)

Allison Jernow

Don't Force Us to Lie: The Struggle of Chinese Journalists in the Reform Era (1993)

Thomas Joo

editor, Corporate Governance: Law, Theory, and Policy (2004)

various academic/legal publications

Social Science Research Network (working papers)

Cecile Kuznitz

YIVO and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture (2014)

Anthony Laden, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Reasoning: A Social Picture (2012)

editor, Multiculturalism and Political Theory (2007)

Mihail Lari

The Dual City: Karachi During the Raj (1997)

Shel Leanne

Joshua's Bible Winner of the 2004 Fiction Honor Book Award www.joshuasbible.com (2003)

Say It Like Obama: The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision (2008)

Steve Levitt

with Stephen J. Dubner Superfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life

Insurance (2010)

Economics of Criminal Law (Economic Approaches to Law) (2008)

with Stephen J. Dubner Freakonomics (2005) www.freakonomics.com

Charles Liu

The Handy Astronomy Answer Book (2013)

One Universe: At Home In The Cosmos (1999)

 Sonja Lyubomirsky - Professor and Vice Chair of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside

The Myths of Happiness: What Should Make You Happy, but Doesn't, What Shouldn't Make You Happy, but Does (2013)

The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want (2007)

associate editor of The Journal of Positive Psychology. Selected papers below, more here.

"Why Are Some People Happier Than Others?" in American Psychologist (2001)

"Rethinking Rumination" in Perspectives on Psychological Science (2008)

"The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?" in Psychological Bulletin (2005)

"Pursuing Happiness: The Architecture of Sustainable Change" in Review of General Psychologist (2005)

Yonatin Malin

Songs in Motion: Rhythm and Meter in the German Lied (2010)

Brooke Masters

contributor to A Legacy of Innovation: Governors and Public Policy edited by Ethan G. Sribnick (2008)

Spoiling for a Fight: The Rise of Eliot Spitzer (2007)

Kimberly McClain DaCosta

"All in the Family: The Familial Roots of Racial Division," in The Politics of Multiracialism,

Heather Dalmage (ed.) (2004)

"Multiracial Identity: From Personal Problem to Public Issue," in New Faces in a Changing America: Multiracial Identity in the Twenty First Century, Loretta I. Winters and Herman L. DeBose (eds.) (2002)

"Changing Face, Changing Race: The Remaking of Race in the Japanese American and African American Communities," with Rebecca C. King in The Multiracial Experience: Racial Borders as the New Frontier, Maria P.P. Root (ed.) (1997)

Making Multiracials: State, Family, and Market in the Redrawing of the Color Line (2007)

Maureen McLane

Same Life poems (2008)

Balladering, Minstrelsy, and the Making of British Romantic Poetry (2008)

coedited The Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry (2008)

"This Ecstatic Nation: Learning from Emily Dickinson after 9/11," in Boston Review (May/June 2008)

"City Poems: 10 Weeks with the East Harlem Poetry Project," in Boston Review (April/May 2003)

"Recollecting the past," on Daniel Walker Howe's What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848 Chicago Tribune, Feb. 16, 2008

James McMahon

with Lauren Rosenfeld Your To Be List: Turn Those Dreaded To-Do's Into Meaningful Moments Every Day (2010)

Jonathan Miller

The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America (2007)

Dan McKanan

The Catholic Worker after Dorothy: Practicing the Works of Mercy in a New Generation (2008)

Touching the World: Christian Communities Transforming Society (2007)

Identifying the Image of God: Radical Christians and Nonviolent Power in the Antebellum United States (2002)

Julia Moskin

with Gale Gand, Gale Gand's Short and Sweet: Quick Desserts with Eight Ingredients or Less (2004)

with Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay's Boy Gets Grill: 125 Reasons to Light Your Fire! (2004)

with Patricia Yeo, Patricia Yeo: Cooking from A to Z (2002)

with Gale Gand, Gale Gand's Just a Bite: 125 Luscious Little Desserts (2001)

Bobby Flay Cooks American: Great Regional Recipes with Sizzling New Flavors (2001)

with Gale Gand and Rick Tramonto, Butter Sugar Flour Eggs: Whimsical Irresistible Desserts (1999)

with Mark Strausman, The Campagna Table: Bring The Style And Cooking Of The Italian Countryside Into Your Own Home (1999)

with Rafael Palomino, Bistro Latino: Home Cooking Fired Up With the Flavors of Latin America (1997)

Bruno Navasky

Festival in my Heart: Poems by Japanese Children (1993)

Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets (2011)

Jack Orchard

Extra Hands: Grasping for a Meaningful Life (2007)

Randall O'Reilly

Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience: Understanding the Mind by Simulating the Brain (2000)

Nancy Reynolds

A City Consumed: Urban Commerce, the Cairo Fire, and the Politics of Decolonization in Egypt (2012)

Betsey Ann Robinson

Histories of Peirene: A Corinthian Fountain in Three Millennia (2011)

Margi Rosenthal

Cultural Competency (2006)

David Samuels

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2008)

The Runner: A True Account of the Amazing Lies and Fantastical Adventures of the Ivy League Impostor James Hogue (2008)

Lea Saslav

Teach Yourself Personal Finance in 24 Hours (2000)

Amanda Schafer Brainerd

The Expulsion of Eve (tentative title; 2020)

Peter J. Schwartz

After Jena: Goethe's Elective Affinities and the End of the Old Regime (2010)

Duane Sewell

Section Editor, Comprehensive Overview of Otolaryngology (2004)

Nancy Slotnick

              Turn Your Cablight On: Get Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less (2005)

Amanda Smith

              Hostage to Fortune: The Letters of Joseph P. Kennedy (2001)

Daniel Stolar

The Middle of the Night (2003)

Adrienne Su

Middle Kingdom (1997)

Sanctuary (2006)

Having None of It (2009)

Emma Teng

Eurasian: Mixed Identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842-1943 (2014)

Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895 (2006)

Contributor, Bodies in Contact: Rethinking Colonial Encounters in World History (2005)

with Marc Cohen, Let Taiwan Be Taiwan (1990)

Diana Tesdell

Stories of Art and Artists (2014)

Stories of Fatherhood (2014)

Stories of Motherhood (2012)

Horse Stories (2012)

New York Stories (2011)

Cat Stories (2011)

Stories of the Sea (2010)

Dog Stories (2010)

Love Stories (2009)

Christmas Stories (2007)

Daniel Thompson

Understanding Audio, a reference manual for studio production (2005)

Cover article/interview, April 2006 issue of SB&O (School Band and Orchestra) Magazine

Whitney Tilson

The Art of Value Investing: How the World's Best Investors Beat the Market (2013)

More Mortgage Meltdown: 6 Ways to Profit in These Bad Times (2009)

Daniel R. Weinfeld

The Jackson County War: Reconstruction and Resistance in Post-Civil War Florida (2012)

Margaret Wesseling

What She Said: A Book of Poems (2012)

Sophia A. van Wingerden

The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain 1866-1928 (1999)

Nathaniel Wice

Alt.Culture: An A-To-Z Guide to the '90S-Underground, Online, and Over-The-Counter (1995)

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Prozac Nation (1995)

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women (1999)

The Bitch Rules (2000)

More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction (2002)

The Secret of Life: Commonsense Advice for the Uncommon Woman (2004)

John Yoo

Point of Attack: Preventive War, International Law, and Global Welfare (2014)

Amy Zegart

Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11 (2007)

Flawed by Design: The Evolution of the CIA, the JCS, and the NSC (1999)

"A First Draft of History of the Bush Administration: The Legend of a Democracy Promoter," The National Interest (Sept/Oct. 2008)

"Built to Flail: Our Clueless Intelligence System," Washington Post (July 8, 2007)

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