Harvard-Radcliffe Class of '89

25th Reunion Gift Committee

(See below for information on the class gift)

In Formation – as of 3/24/14


Peter Chung (CA)

Dave Goldberg (CA)

Patrick Healy (London)

David Heller (NY)

Jerry Jordan (MA)

John Moon (NY)

Kristin Williams Mugford (MA)

Scott Nathan (MA)

Valerie Peltier (NY)

Charlie Ryan (PA)

Sophocles Zoullas (NY)

National Vice Chairs

Donald Fawcett (NY)

Serena Park Moon (NY)

Regional Vice Chairs

Chris Cabot (London)

Masahisa Ikeda (Tokyo)

Vikram Nagaraj (WA)

Leadership Giving Committee

Paul Balson (CA)

Sean Brady (NY)

Amanda Brainerd (NY)

Gerry Cardinale (NY)

Marty Caverly (CA)

John Chadwick (Thailand)

David H.S. Chung (CA)

Paul Ciampa (MA)

Kristina Perkin Davison (NY)

Inger Dewey-Golob (CA)

Carolyn Jane Duffy (WA)

Jim Frates (MA)

Andy Goldfarb (MA)

Robert Griffith (NY)

Murry Gunty (MD)

Kyu Han (NY)

John Herr (CA)

Tom McConnell (MA)

Ben Miller (Hong Kong)

Anne Lee Moon (CA)

Terry Murray (MA)

Sabrina Hundley Nicholson (MA)

Jeff Nordhaus (CA)

Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer (South Africa)

Ian Parker (CA)

Nancy Lutz Paynter (CA)

Lori Rutter & Jeff Behrens (MA)

Alex Slusky (CA)

William Weil (DC)

Alison Griscom Wilson (NY)

Jen Cohen Zonis (NY)

Participation Chairs

Allison Charney Epstein (NY)

Joe Kaufman (NY)

Participation Committee

Jacqueline Bell (San Diego, CA)

Robert Brooker (Austin, TX)

West Chapman (New York, NY)

Harry Chernoff (New York, NY)

Markus Frank (Boston, MA)

Tyrone Latin (Boston, MA)

Janice Sweetser Linaugh (Montclair, NJ)

Joel Post (New York, NY)

Ronda Appelbaum Rockett (Wellesley, MA)

Maria Simon (Chicago, IL)

Nancy Slotnick (New York, NY)

Jane Murphy Timken (OH)

Teresa Uthurralt (New York, NY)

John Harvard Society Chair

Jim Frates  (Waltham, MA)

Enlisted / Role To Be Determined

Nick Brumm (NY)

Ann Riedl Cami (CA)

Ron Cami (CA)

Rob Genieser (London)

Brian Goffman (CA)

Amy Kim (NY)

Shirley Lin (Hong Kong)

Amos Meron (CA)

Roy Price (WA)

Jack Rusher (IL)

Matt Sperling (NY)

Class Gift

25th Reunion Campaign

Harvard shaped us as thinkers, doers, citizens, and human beings. We, the 1989 community, can demonstrate our collective conviction in Harvard’s values and importance through our volunteerism, engagement, and philanthropic support during our milestone 25th Reunion year.

Our 25th Reunion fundraising drive will sustain undergraduate financial aid at the College, fuel innovation, and ensure that Harvard thrives as a place of discovery for people leading positive change in the world.  Every gift will make a difference, no matter the size. What counts is our participation together in this 1989 effort.

We look forward to a tremendously meaningful year.


Your 25th Reunion Campaign Co-Chairs

Peter Chung, Dave Goldberg, Patrick Healy, David Heller, Jerry Jordan, John Moon, Kristin Williams Mugford, Scott Nathan, Valerie Peltier, Charlie Ryan, and Sophocles Zoullas

Click here to make a gift to Harvard and participate in the 25th Reunion Campaign:


*Pledges of $5,000+ can be paid over 2-5 years.

FAS Campaign/FAQ

Contact Paul McNeeley, 1989 Class Officer in the Harvard College Fund, in order to set up a multi-year pledge or if you’d like information about joining the class fundraising effort.

Email: paul_mcneeley@harvard.edu; Phone: 617-384-8203.

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