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Matt and I spent a great deal of time together sophomore, junior and senior years. To say that Matt was a volatile guy is generous, but I had many a great time with him. We would spend hours with Dave Love, doing awful imitations of celebrities and fellow classmates, then making ridiculous tapes of those “performances”. I recall very distinctly two great road trips with “The Drumstick”.  The first was the bus trip to DC to protest apartheid in South Africa and Nicaragua. Drummy, Love and I promptly got separated from the group and very lost in some sketchy DC neighborhoods. Ultimately, we ended up protesting by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and doing dramatic interpretations of the signs for the historic sites, including the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial (“The Reflecting Pool has many moods…”); neither Reverend Jesse Jackson nor Reverend William Sloane Coffin was anywhere to be seen. On another memorable trip, Drummy, his best friend Dino, my brother from Boston University and I went to Lowell University’s ice skating rink (Tully Forum in Billerica) to go see Squeeze play. Highlights were, in reverse order: (3) a drive-by visit to Kerouac’s grave; (2) Difford and Tilbrook playing in Billerica; and (3) Drummy breaking Dino’s nose after Dino locked him out of the car at a gas station. Matt was a very talented writer, but unfortunately the tortured kind. I chaperoned him to his first meeting at The Advocate, a great victory for him. I hope that, wherever he is, he watches his beloved Bruins play whenever he desires and they never get called for icing. - Rob (Greenstein) Rader

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