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I was Ken’s roommate our sophomore year.  We met at an Institute of Politics seminar that Ken was the student liaison for and I attended. Our rooming was not always the easiest — Ken was a morning person; I was not. Rob Slavin liked to belt U2 most mornings next door, too, which oddly united us against a common enemy — Bono. But, Ken was a good and decent man who enjoyed serious discussion of issues, liked to follow up with professors and read and thought deeply. I envied his confidence academically, as well as his strong secondary school preparation. I don’t believe he had a mean bone in his body.  We stayed in loose touch for a number of years. I was proud of Ken for coming out of the closet; I believe he was haunted by that inner conflict and I was hopeful that he would finally escape his demons.  Alas, apparently not the case.  I hope Ken finally is able to rest in peace. I think of him frequently and always with a sense of loss. - Rob (Greenstein) Rader

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