Harvard-Radcliffe Class of '89

Dear Classmate,

Happy 2018!  With our 25th reunion a few years behind us we look forward to celebrating the 30th in October 2019.  Yes, you read that right: Our 30th reunion is held in Cambridge in October. While we won’t have the pomp and circumstance of commencement, we will have fall colors and the crisp New England air to enjoy. 

A big thank you to Adam Schwartz for hosting and sponsoring the class of 1989 headquarters at Commencement the last three years. He has brought a great spirit to the celebration and provided classmates with a chance to re-connect.

We are seeking new leadership for this reunion, so start thinking about getting involved and contact any of the class leaders below if you might be interested in volunteering as a Reunion Program Co-Chair or a member of the Reunion Committee.

In the meantime, we need your help before the reunion.  We are seeking classmates with technical expertise and/or a willingness to learn new skills – a photo archivist and a social network/web master.  These are two great opportunities to contribute to the class in ways that are highly visible, meaningful, and have a lasting legacy. Please contact Lori Rutter or Jeff Behrens if you might be interested in leading these efforts.

Class notes remain the primary way to keep each other in the loop on our various adventures.  Please send your updates to classnotes@harvard.edu or to Class Secretary, Lisa Hampton.

Finally, class events and communications are not free and we need your help. We would like to rebuild our post-25th treasury by asking classmates to make a voluntary class dues contribution. Our treasury funds pay for:

  • Food and drinks at class headquarters during commencement
  • Seed funding for special events between reunions (tailgates, dinners, talks, etc.)
  • Higher quality food and entertainment at reunions (which is where we spent it all for the 25th!)
  • On-line systems/apps/web hosting/tech support interns at reunions ("the app")
  • Little extras like the post-reunion video and time capsule, digitizing The Freshman Facebook, and digital archiving of all photos

We would be grateful for any amount that you are willing to contribute (Harvard does not pay for these services). For the first 25 classmates who donate $189 or more we’ll send you a limited edition 25th reunion picnic blanket as a thank you gift.

Click here to contribute

As always, thank you for keeping the character of our class vibrant and active. We look forward to working together to strengthen our class connections and to continue to learn from and support each other as we all enter another decade of life!

And if you aren't on our Facebook page yet, find it here and request to join.


Lisa Hampton, Class Secretary

Lori Rutter, 25th Reunion Program Co-Chair

Jeff Behrens, 25th Reunion Program Co-Chair

Carolyn Magnani-Tucci, 25th Reunion Program Co-Chair


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